An Intergalactic Carnival crashes near Possum Springs and a seemingly harmless little GlugSlug escapes and finds its way to the home of Scout’s grandfather, Oliver.

Scout and Oliver soon discover this GlugSlug isn’t so harmless when it suddenly grows to over 50 feet, destroying anything in its path. With the help of the galactic rock band, the AstraWurmz, the Scout and Oliver have to stop the GlugSlug before it destroys Possum Springs.

And to make matters worse, once the Galactic Administration discovers the unauthorized GlugSlug’s presence on Earth they threaten to destroy the entire planet.

Scout and the Astrawurmz Meet the GlugSlug is a fun, sci-fi family adventure with over 40 full-color illustrations.


  • Paperback
  • 114 pages Full color interior