The Only Safe and Secure Way to Plan Your Global Domination

With all the hacking, account breaches, data leaks, and outright digital spying that occurs today, why would you entrust your plan for global domination to any sort of digital medium? Any Mad Scientist worth their weight in plutonium would ditch the digital and go for the ultimate in security: paper and ink.

But don’t just write it down on loose copy paper. Why not keep it all in one place using a handy journal designed specifically to meet the unique needs of the aspiring Mad Scientist? Even the professionals will find it extremely useful.

Need to design that evil superweapon? There are blueprint pages just for that. Need to calculate your enemies’ weaknesses? There are pages designed just for that. Need to lay out your global domination projects, record your diabolical notes, sketch out your evil ideas, diagram your despicable creations, map out your reprehensible plans, or review the results of your plans once put into action? Yup, there are special template pages for all these crucial activities.

Also included is a list of the six most common mistakes that the amateurs all make and a diagram of the scientific method to keep your experiments on track.

“I use this journal every day. Never leave the lair without it.”

— Dr. Vinnie “Vile” Vernon


  • Paperback
  • 110 pages Black and White interior